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Elin Hilderbrand Books in Order: A Journey through Her Career, Novels, Movies, and Retirement Plans



In this article, we delve into the world of Elin Hilderbrand, the acclaimed author known as the “Queen of the Beach Reads,” as we explore her remarkable career, her extensive collection of 27 novels, and her latest release, “Golden Girl.” Hilderbrand’s literary prowess has garnered her an enormous following of over ten million dedicated fans.

A Glimpse into “Golden Girl”

In a recent interview, Hilderbrand revealed that “Golden Girl” was initially intended to be her final book. She acknowledged that the novel carries a certain autobiographical element, revolving around a Nantucket novelist with three nearly grown children, much like herself. The protagonist’s sudden demise on the opening page ushers readers into a story set in the afterlife, where she observes her ex-husband, boyfriend, and children as they cope with the event. Amidst the revelations of long-kept secrets, the novel manages to strike a balance between humor and hope. It serves as a poignant tribute to those who have lost loved ones prematurely, a sentiment close to Hilderbrand’s heart.

The Life of a Writer: Balancing Roles

During our candid conversation, Hilderbrand shared insights into the demanding life of a writer. As a single parent raising three children, one of whom is just 15 and unable to drive, her daily schedule brims with responsibilities. She recalled writing her first five books while her children were all under the age of six, which required her to seize any available moment to put pen to paper, as she exclusively writes and edits her books in longhand.

Her day typically begins between 5:00 am and 7:00 am, carving out a few precious hours for writing before attending to her children’s needs and squeezing in some exercise. By 11:00 am, she enters her office, working diligently until 6:00 pm. However, her authorial duties extend beyond writing, encompassing marketing efforts, social media engagement, and various promotional activities to support her books and engage with her devoted readers.

A Source of Inspiration: Nantucket Island

Hilderbrand’s inspirational haven lies in Nantucket Island, where she has resided for 28 years. Her connection to the island stems from her days at the Iowa Writers Workshop, where she initially struggled with homesickness. Encouraged by a therapist, she turned her focus towards writing about Nantucket, and the island has since become the heart of her creativity. With its quaint beauty, pristine beaches, and a small-town charm, Nantucket serves as an idyllic backdrop for many of her tales, capturing the hearts of readers worldwide.

Venturing into Movies and TV

While Hilderbrand’s literary achievements have been monumental, her creative journey does not end with books alone. The author has ventured into the world of movies and TV with five projects currently in development. While keeping details under wraps until official green lights, Hilderbrand’s involvement as an executive producer ensures that her beloved Nantucket remains faithfully represented onscreen, a place that has given her so much.

Overcoming Adversity: Breast Cancer and Connection with Readers

Hilderbrand’s life took a significant turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. Enduring a double mastectomy and a subsequent battle with MRSA, she emerged stronger and decided to share her diagnosis publicly. This brave disclosure resonated deeply with her readers, especially those who had experienced similar struggles. The shared bond with her fans forged an unbreakable connection, leading to the birth of countless devoted Elin Hilderbrand fans.

Embracing Retirement

At 51 years old, Hilderbrand recognizes that her illustrious writing career must eventually come to an end. While initially planning to conclude her journey with “Golden Girl,” she revealed that a new three-book deal with her publisher enticed her to extend her career. Nonetheless, Hilderbrand has set a clear endpoint for her writing endeavors, stating that her retirement is scheduled for Summer 2024. Determined to exit at the pinnacle of her success, she aspires to leave her readers captivated and satisfied, ensuring that her final novels will be nothing short of extraordinary.


As we bid adieu to a writing career that has left an indelible mark on the literary world, we anticipate with eagerness the forthcoming works of Elin Hilderbrand. Her storytelling prowess and her ability to transport readers to the enchanting realms of Nantucket will continue to enchant generations of readers to come. So, as we eagerly await her future creations, let us cherish the delightful and memorable journey she has offered through her captivating novels.

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