Brianna Patricia Blosil

Brianna Patricia Blosil, Parents and Personal Life


Brianna Patricia Blosil was born on 19th November 1997. She is the adopted daughter of celebrity couple Marie Osmond and Brian Blosil. The couple reportedly adopted five children and Brianna was among them. Her biological parents are unknown and she is recognized as the daughter of a celebrity couple.

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Brian Blosil was born on 12th December 1952. He belongs to the town of Provo, Utah, USA. He completed his bachelor’s from the University of California at Los Angeles. Brian then started working for Atomic Energy Commission. He established a  real estate company in San Francisco Area that helped him to be financially independent. He also tried to pursue his career as an actor but only got minor roles. He is known for his performances in “Maybe This Time” and “Wildest Dreams”.

Olive Marie Osmond was born in October 1959 in Ogden, Utah, USA. Her brothers were a part of the music industry and performed on national television. She debuted at the age of four and participated in Osmond Brother’s act on the show hosted by Andy Williams. However, she didn’t appear on television after that. She released her first solo track titled “Paper Roses” in 1973.

It became an instant hit and was ranked No.1 throughout the country. Osmond was nominated for multiple Grammy Awards. She began her acting career by co-hosting a show with her brother Donny. Marie acted in multiple TV films including “The Gift of Love”,  “Side by Side” and “The Love Boat”. She is also known for her philanthropic work and her work has been recognized by the state of Las Vegas. Las Vegas celebrates 4th October as the official Day of Donny and Marie as their recognition for amazing contributions.

Marie Osmond married three times in total. She first married Stephen Lyle Craig in 1982. The couple had a child named Stephen James Craig. But the duo got a divorce in 1985 due to unknown reasons. Marie got married to Brian in 1986. The couple had two children: Rachael and Matthew. They adopted five other children: Jessica, Michael, Brandon, Brianna Patricia Blosil, and Abigail. Their marriage seemed strong but the couple announced divorce in 2007. The custody of all children was granted to Marie. Their joint statement stated that they were still on amicable terms but Osmond later revealed that it was not a happy marriage. She remarried her first husband Stephen in 2011 and the duo are leading a happy married life.

Personal Life:

Brianna Patricia Blosil shared a close bond with all her siblings and parents. The family was shaken up by the untimely death of the adopted son Michael. He committed suicide due to depression by jumping off a building in 2010. The whole family was deeply affected by the tragedy yet tried their best to move on. Brianna got married to David Schwep at the age of 21 years. Her mother announced the wedding on Instagram by sharing a lovely photo in 2018. The couple is enjoying the bliss of married life.

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