How Technology Is Changing How We Treat Electronic Products

How Technology Is Changing How We Treat Electronic Products


In the past two decades, technology has transformed the way people live. With each year, new features are introduced in smartphones, tablets, laptops and various electronic items. You will find that most new or latest models are faster and more versatile than the previous technology. While this progress has been great for the industry and has allowed businesses to grow quickly, it is also one of the reasons behind rising pollution.

As many people upgrade their computers or smartphones, they tend to discard the old devices which usually end up as e-waste. This leads to harmful toxins releasing into the air and water. Now, there are organizations and governments working to reduce or recycle electronics, it continues to be a major issue across the globe.

According to a report, around 17.4 of e-waste is recycled globally which is quite less as millions of electronic items are going to landfills every year. Technology is changing how we treat such products in many ways. Let’s explore a few that has made an impact on people everywhere.

Increase In Refurbished Electronics

If you think about it, the market for refurbished products has and continues to grow with time. Nowadays, there are many people who prefer to reuse or repurpose their old electronics instead of throwing them away. It not only helps reduce e-waste but can also make it easier to safely dispose of items such as computers or laptops.

When you refurbish such products, you can easily sell them online or for parts as well. You can find quite a few platforms that deal with old or new electronic items and even give cash in return for electronics that are in good condition. So this is certainly one of the ways that technology has changed how we treat products like smartphones, laptops or tablets. If you look up ‘sell my old laptop’, you might be able to easily get a quote for your device and even ship with a free label.


Now, due to the threat of climate change, most corporations and individuals are looking to follow eco-friendly practices. Recently, more and more businesses are recycling electronic products or buying discarded items to recover precious metals such as gold and silver from them. With advanced technology, it has become easier to break down or separate various elements that can be used to manufacture other products.

Social media platforms have and are creating awareness about the harmful impact of throwing away batteries or other electronics. Small businesses can also connect with consumers easily to promote their recycling services. You can locate a facility or program to drop off your old or used electronic items. In a way, technology has made recycling of electronic products simpler and an effective solution for many people.

Increased Accessibility

There are a lot of people, particularly young students, who may not have access to computers or tablets. In order to resolve this problem, quite a few non-profit organizations and educational institutions are working to collect used items which are functional and in good condition. By leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, they can reach out to people and encourage donations.

You can also search for websites that accept old or used devices for schools or special programs that teach technical skills. This way, people can easily dispose of their electronics without throwing them away and make technology more accessible as well. Most institutions also accept or collect electronic items and accessories in bulk.

So offices and businesses that are looking to discard their computers, laptops, screens or cameras can donate them to such places and reduce their e-waste effectively. In the end, technology has simplified the process of giving away old electronic products so that people can benefit from them.

To Sum Up

These are some of the ways that technology is changing how we treat electronic products. Consider any of them carefully before you discard your electronics as they can end up in landfills. By utilizing them or repurposing them, you can prevent toxins and chemicals from harming the environment successfully.

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