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Fire at Soldiers Delight Park in Owings Mills: Firefighters Successfully Contain Large Brush Fire After Evacuations


In this article, we will provide an overview of the recent brush fire at Soldiers Delight Park in Owings Mills, Maryland. The fire, which led to the evacuation of numerous homeowners, has now been fully contained by the Baltimore County Fire Department. We will explore the efforts of the firefighters, the impact on the local community, and the challenges faced during the containment process.

Firefighters Successfully Contain Large Brush Fire at Soldiers Delight Park

Evacuations and Park Closure

On Tuesday, a rapidly spreading brush fire at Soldiers Delight Park in Owings Mills prompted the evacuation of more than two dozen homeowners. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced the closure of the entire Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area to the public due to the ongoing fire. The closure will be enforced by the Natural Resources Police until further notice.

Firefighting Efforts

Fire crews worked tirelessly throughout the night to battle the large brush fire. Lieutenant Travis Francis of the Baltimore County Fire Department reported that evacuees from 29 homes were directed to seek shelter at Franklin High School on Reisterstown Road. Over 200 firefighters joined forces to combat the blaze, with additional support from the Maryland National Guard.

Aerial Support and Challenging Conditions

The Maryland Army National Guard deployed a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter to execute water drops using a bambi bucket. The helicopter conducted water drops until twilight to aid in firefighting efforts. However, the dry conditions and wind in the area fueled the spread of the wildfire. The wooded nature of the region and the presence of high-tension powerlines added further complexity to the situation.

Water Supply Challenges

Due to the rural nature of the area, there are no fire hydrants nearby. Fire crews had to rely on water trucks to shuttle water and deploy hoses to extinguish the fire. The lack of readily available water sources added to the difficulties faced by firefighters. Despite these challenges, there have been no reported injuries, and no homes have been directly affected by the fire. However, one shed was consumed by the flames.

Extent of Damage and Road Closures

As of Tuesday night, officials were still assessing the extent of the fire damage. The rapid spread of the fire made it challenging to determine the number of acres burned. In response to the fire, certain roads, including Deer Park and Dolfield roads, Deer Park and Wards Chapel roads, and Deer Park Road and Berrymans Lane, have been closed to ensure the safety of firefighters and the public.

Acknowledgments and Support

Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski praised the heroic efforts of the approximately 200 firefighters involved in battling the blaze, including those from Carroll and Frederick counties. Governor Wes Moore expressed his support and monitoring of the situation, ensuring that local officials receive the necessary assistance. The impacted residents of Baltimore cooperated with county officials and sought shelter in a nearby school, leaving behind only essential belongings.


The recent brush fire at Soldiers Delight Park in Owings Mills posed significant challenges for firefighters, requiring extensive efforts to contain and extinguish the blaze. Through the heroic actions of numerous firefighters and the support of the Maryland National Guard, the fire has been successfully contained. The closure of the park and evacuation of residents ensured their safety during this emergency situation. As authorities continue to assess the damage and provide necessary support, the community remains grateful for the dedicated efforts of all those involved in combating the fire.

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