Christina Ryann Lloyd

Christina Ryann Lloyd: Early Life, Siblings, and Parent


Christina Ryann Lloyd is the celebrity daughter of American rapper Lloyd Banks. Banks has praised his daughter since she was born in 2016. He regarded her birth as the “happiest time of my life.” He welcomed his beautiful firstborn as daddy’s little girl to his thousands of fans. Banks is rarely active on his social media accounts, posting on his Instagram occasionally.

With his successful music career and the staggering wealth he has gained, fans are left wondering what it is like inside his daughter’s life. Read on to find out more about Lloyd Banks and his adorable daughter.

Christina Ryann Lloyd Early Life

Christina Ryann was born on 22 December 2016 to Lloyd Banks and his wife, who goes by the name Cris and caviarchris on Instagram. Upon her birth, Lloyd took to his Instagram to announce her birth calling her daddy’s little girl and saying it was the happiest moment of his life. Little details of Ryann’s current life are known as fans only get treated to her snaps once in a long while by her father. There are also a few videos of her on Bank’s Instagram showing her dancing and entertaining her family.

Christina Ryann Siblings

Ryann lives with her parents and her brother, Christopher Lloyd III, born on 5 March 2019. Upon his birth, the ‘On Fire’ rapper introduced him to his fans with a caption, “As we continue‚Ķmy baby boy! Christopher Lloyd III.‚ÄĚ

Christina Ryann Lloyd Celebrity Father, Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks was born Christopher Charles Lloyd in New Carrollton, Maryland, on 30 April 1982. He got raised by his mother in Queens, New York. Lloyd dropped out of high school at 16. Banks’ stage name was his great-great grandfather’s name.

Lloyd Banks began his musical career in 1999 when he became a member of G-Unit alongside his childhood friends Tony Yayo and 50 Cent. Young Back got signed into the group after they signed a contract with Aftermath Entertainment. Banks remained behind as his group members went on tours and tried to increase his profile by rapping in his hood. He got featured by 50 Cents on the song Don’t Push Me, and the remix of P.I.M.P. G-Unit released a group album Beg for Mercy in 2003, which was certified double platinum.

In his solo career, Banks’ first album was The Hunger for More in 2004. His other albums include Rotten Apple in 2006 and H.F.M.2 in 2010. His hit singles include On Fire, Officer Down, I’m So Fly, Hands Up (featuring 50 Cent), and Any Girl featuring R&B singer Lloyd, among others.

Banks was shot twice in the back and stomach on 10 September 2001; luckily, he survived it. He has been charged with robbery, aggravated assaults, and forcible confinement.

Christina Ryann’s Mother, Cris

Banks is very secretive about his life, and fans are not sure of his status with his baby momma. However, the mother of his children took to her Instagram account on their 5th anniversary in 2021 to post that she had been “faithful, loyal and that got me nowhere. Today is also the day I take back my life and decide to focus on me.”

Fans were left to speculate about her caption. Banks, however, did not comment on the issue.

Wrapping Up

Christina Ryann is an apple of her father’s eyes as he doesn’t waste the chance to share her photos with sweet captions on Instagram. Banks remains a sensational name in the hip-hop genre.

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