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Not everyone gets the chance to get married to a celebrity. Whether it’s a politician, sportsman, musician, artist, etc., having your popularity come into the limelight because of your partner is great. Well, Barbara has experienced the feeling. She is the ex-wife of the late Charlie Wilson, a Texas politician.

What Do We Know About Barbara Alberstadt?

Barbara is the ex-wife of the late Charlie Wilson. Many came to hear and know about her courtesy of the popularity surrounding her husband’s life. Barbara has kept a low profile, and our search to gather details about her life hit a wall. Nonetheless, we know that she married Charlie Wilson on February 2, 1999. Their marriage only lasted till February 10, 2010. Their marriage only lasted for 11 years.

So far, we have no information regarding the early life of Barbara. We only know her as the wife of Charlie Wilson. She doesn’t keep the limelight, but we know more about her husband.

Barbara’s Husband: Charlie Wilson

Charlie was born on June 1, 1993. He is best known as an American politician and a naval officer. He was a 12-term Democratic Representative, and his limelight came in when he led the Congress that supported “Operation Cyclone,” which was the greatest event for the CIA. The operation mainly revolved around supplying military equipment during the Soviet-Afghan War.

He even has a non-fiction book titled “Charlie Wilson’s War,” and it was part of his behind-the-scenes during his campaign. Regarding his early life, Charlie Wilson was born in Trinity, Texas. His father was Charlie Edwin Wilson, and he was an accountant for a timber company. As for his mother, she was Wilmuth Wilson, and she was a local florist.

Barbara’s husband has one sister known as Sharon Wilson Allison. His sister later rose to become the president of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. During his childhood, Wilson attended Trinity High School and took one semester at Sam Houston State University. He was later appointed to the US Naval Academy.

In 1956, he graduated with a BSC in Engineering, where he specialized in electronics. In the same year, he served in the United States Navy, and he attained the Lieutenant rank.

Political Life of Barbara’s Husband

Wilson got interested in politics from a young age. He grew up during World War II, and this experience encouraged him to gain an interest in military history. It is reported that he developed an admiration for Winston Churchill.

Wilson developed an early sense of patriotism, and his interest in international affairs played a role in encouraging him to take a political path. Winston has had different engagements in politics. In 1960, he volunteered to help John F. Kennedy in his campaign. At age 27, he won a seat and got into office in Austin, Texas.

In 1972, Wilson was elected to the US House of Representatives. He got re-elected eleven times, and his passion for his career played a great role in his success. Unfortunately, Wilson died on February 10, 2010, leaving behind his wife, Barbara. He died aged 76 at St. Luke’s Health Memorial in Texas.

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