A Simplified Guide to Getting More Views on Instagram

A Simplified Guide to Getting More Views on Instagram


Brands are always on the lookout for tips and tricks for an Instagram marketing strategy. One of the top goals of an Instagram marketing strategy is to get views to translate into more paying customers. Social media is difficult to navigate, we agree, but it’s not rocket science to gain more views on Instagram. This blog has your back, and will teach you some basic tips on how to get more Instagram engagement through views.

Top 3 Ways to Get More Views on Instagram

Surely the quickest way to get views is to buy Instagram views. But here are some other ways, which may take longer, but if you combine them with bought Instagram views, they’re sure to become a bulletproof marketing strategy.

1.    Optimize Your Instagram Account

When you design any social media page or strategy, you must give it the same importance as designing a homepage for your website. If viewers are interested in your posts, they’ll go to your account to look for more. A viewer might even stumble upon your page through Suggested Accounts, making your profile a reflection of your position in the industry and your brand personality. Here are some quick tips on optimizing your Instagram profile.

  • Make your profile an “Instagram business account”
  • Use your brand logo as your display picture
  • Make sure your Instagram bio contains relevant links to your store
  • SEO is important on Instagram too, add relevant keywords to your Insta bio
  • Use the accurate brand name as your Instagram account name.

A.Set Up An Instagram Business Account

There are many benefits to setting up an official business account on Instagram and here are some of them–

  • Instagram analytics
  • Instagram ads
  • Story links
  • Content scheduling features
  • Product tagging

B.Using Your Logo as Your Instagram Display Picture

Your display picture is one of the first things your potential customers will see on the app. Your display picture will help set you apart from other brands and give you brand recognition. Brand logos can convey relevant messages to your audience. As a brand, you must have spend countless hours crafting the logo, down to the last details, so that your core values are communicated. Making your display picture your logo might seem like a small aspect of an Instagram strategy, but it’s quite important.

C.Adding Relevant Links in Your Insta Bio

Instagram allows accounts to put only one clickable link in their bios. It can be quite complicated as previously you would have to switch out the links everytime your brand launched a new product or campaign. But now, there are many ways to utilize that one link. You can harness the power of link in bio tools such as Linktree which help create an online dictionary of links to help potential customers find your latest products.

D.Adding Relevant Keywords to your Profile’s Bio

Your bio needs to communicate what your brand is all about. You can use relevant keywords in your bio so that our account shows up in relevant cusomer searches. For example, you are a vegan restaurant, and want to promote your restaurant on the app’s interface. You can add “vegan restaurant” to your bio so that when your potential customers look up the keyword, they’ll come across your account.

2.    Understand the Instagram Algorithm

Understanding the Instagram algorithm is not rocket science the way it ma seem sometimes. It’s not as mysterios and can be quite simple when you take a close look into how the app promotes content on user’s explore pages and feeds. You can get more viewd on Instagram based on your content and understanding the algorithm. The algorithm depends on–

  • How you engage with other Instagrammers on the platform
  • Follower activity. How your followers and potential customers use Instagram
  • Your activity. How you use Instagram.

To get more views on your Instagram posts and profile, make sure your content is designed the way your competitors have. You need to use the same topics for Reels, keywords, and hashtags in your posts. If you have a business account on Instagram, you can track Instagram insights to adjust your content marketing strategy to fit the algorithm. However, we must remind you that you can’t outsmart the app’s algorithm.

3.    Customize Your Instagram Posts

The quickst way to gain more views, engagement, and impressions on your Reels and posts, you need to harness the power of a specific niche. That niche needs to be related to your specific industry and your posts need to be customized for your targeted audience. For example, taking the previous example, if you are a vegan restaurant, your niche needs to be food related.

Your posts may include high-quality photos and videos, which surely makes for a great start. But you can only gain more views and followers if your content reflects customer values, educates and entertains your audience, and solves pain points. You need to think about what kind and format of posts and Reels can help you stand out in a crowd of competitors.

Now you may ask, how can a brand customize posts? The best way to customize your reels and posts is to research your targeted audience. Look into your best-performing posts and Reels to figure out what your followers want to see the most. You can also experiment with different post and Reel formats and ideas to explore new, engaging content. Lastly, the most helpful tip is to schedule your posts for when your follower base is online.

Wrapping Up

We hope this blog helped you understand how to increase views on your Instagram profile. Make sure you practice these simple tips and tricks, and you’ll create a bulletproof Instagram marketing strategy. In summary, here are the tips to keep in mind to help grow engagement for your rband.

  • Create quality content
  • Interact with your audience
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Share user-generated content
  • Create an Instagram business account
  • Experiment with different Reel ideas and post formats
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