Everything You Need To Know About Period Underwear

Everything You Need To Know About Period Underwear


“My family had gone months without period care… No one should have to experience that”

Menstruation is a lady’s monthly bleeding, much of the time called your “period.” When you bleed, your body discards the monthly development of the covering of your uterus. Menstrual blood and tissue stream from your uterus through the little opening in your cervix and drop off your body through your vagina.

Saalt considered something that would help women with working with menstrual conditions and would help them with feeling free during periods by planning period underwear. By designing period underwear, Saalt assumes the best way to deal with period care ought to be comparably natural, particular, basic, and essential. It is normally enlivened leak-proof underwear that retains all leaks. Something is fundamental for the body.

Here we go.

What is period underwear?

Period Underwear is Saalt’s naturally motivated collection of reusable period underwear that absorbs your period flow and replaces dispensable period care items. It is likewise the ideal reinforcement to an embedded item like a tampon or cup.

Will period underwear smell?

No, when cared for properly, the period underwear shouldn’t smell. This item is treated with a bio-based solution for scent control that eliminates sweat smell and wipes out microscopic organisms to keep you fresh and odor-free.

Could I at any point place it in the dryer?            

It is prescribed to continuously hang your period wear to dry. The high intensity can corrupt the elastics and texture over the long run and may harm the material technology that makes Saalt underwear against smell and leak-free.

Can I wear them all day?

You can go with your flow. How long you can wear your Saalt wear before expecting to change will rely upon your flow and the absorbency level of the style you pick and whether you are involving it as a reinforcement to a cup or tampon.

Why will you wear Saalt period underwear?

The justifications for why you should wear Saalt period underwear are because of the following considerations.

  1. It can hold up to three regular pads.  If you have a very heavy flow, you can wear this period underwear to stay away from any humiliation. They drench through tampons and pads, smudge bedding and clothing, and are always on “high alert” during their period. Also, that is without discussing the squeezing and agony that can go with heavy bleeding. Fortunately, period underwear can safeguard even heavy flow.
  2. The gusset is only 2 mm thick.  The gusset is jus    t 2 mm thick. The justification for why underwear gussets are so small is that it sits in the groin of your undies to give support, breathability, and dampness wicking.
  3. The one set of Saalt period underwear can save many pads and tampons from landfills.

 “I am in love with these undies! I wore them on my heavier days for half a day, and they did a great job. No leaks, no stains! The fit was perfect; great for when you are wearing low-rise pants.”

What are the different types of Saalt wear?

1. Light Absorbency

These Saalt wears are Comfort Thong, Thong, and Lace Hipster. With 1 liner or 2 light tampons, you will not need to stress over spills on the lighter days of your period. It implies you can wear them in solace. They are everyday protection and are best as a reinforcement to a tampon, cup, or disc, or for light period days.

 “Easily the best period underwear EVER. I’ve used several other brands and Saalt is hands down the winner. They are so soft, so comfortable, leave no panty line, and do keep me so dry! I cannot understand the science or sorcery behind it, but I’m grateful for it!”

2. Regular Absorbency

These Saalt wears are Cotton Bikini, Cotton Brief, Comfort Bikini, Mesh Hipster, Bikini, High Waist Brief, and French Cut High Waist. With 2 pads or 3 regular tampons, it can hold up to 5 ounces of fluid. Reasonable for light to moderate incontinence. Not so much for heavy, extreme, or all-out incontinence. They are great for everyday protection and are best for regular period-flow or bladder spills.

 “Love it!!! I’ve tried 3 brands of period underwear now, and saalt is by far my favorite! It’s not only the cutest, but the most comfortable too. I liked it so much that I went back to check if they just made any regular underwear too!” – Rebecca K., Verified Buyer.

3. High Absorbency

These Saalt wears are Comfort Brief and Comfort Boyshort. With 3 pads or 4 regular tampons, it will keep you release-free on the heavier days of your period. For that reason, they are best for everyday protection and are best for heavy periods, bladder spills, and postpartum care.

 “Amazing. I was skeptical of period underwear and just free bleeding into something, but let me tell you… these have changed my life. I will definitely be purchasing a few more pairs and have already recommended them to all my friends. Not only do they function in a period setting, but they’re super comfortable and fit so well” – Xime.

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In conclusion, at Saalt, each woman can stand to smile during their period. They are consistent with their vision of making cleaner, more viable period care open to everyone. They assume the best way to manage period care ought to be comparably regular, undeniable, fundamental, and essential.  “Leak Proof period underwear designed to withstand laughing with your best friend, the sweat of spin class, vivacious sneezes, and periods. It does it all, just like you.”

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