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5 Insider Wig Accessories for a Salon Look


Short hairstyles are trending. From a pixie cut to a bob hairstyle, there are tons of stunning hairstyles that can transform your look flawlessly. But getting a haircut might be a significant change that not every woman wants. That’s where the human hair wigs for women come into the picture. Available in all styles, colors, textures, and lengths, the right human hair extensions can help you achieve a flawless look.

You can switch between sleek ponytails and pixie-cut hairstyles easily. There’s no need for cutting your hair too short for a long hairstyle. However, maintaining these wigs or hair extensions is not a cakewalk. People think fake hair doesn’t require much care, as the hair won’t fall out, but the reality is it requires as much maintenance as your biological hair. To keep your wig in good condition and ensure it looks stunning when you wear it, here are a few wig accessories you must try.

Wig Shampoos and Conditioners

Just like your normal hair, the wig tends to accumulate dirt and dust buildup. It can also catch a bad odor, which is why using a sulfate-free shampoo and hair conditioner is crucial. You must wash your wig twice a week and more frequently if you wear them every day or if you live in a place with scorching weather.

If it’s a human hair extension, use your regular shampoo and condition your hair to get de-tangled, soft tresses. To add extra shine to your locks, consider oiling your wig after washing it. Adding oil will keep your hair looking smooth while keeping it nourished and moisturized. You can get shampoos designed specifically for the wigs or use your regular shampoos. It’s best to discuss your options with a hairstylist first.

Wig Comb

You can’t use a random comb for your synthetic or human hair wig. The hair in your synthetic wig can get damaged easily when pulled tightly. You must use the right comb to detangle the knots. Usually, people prefer a wide-toothed comb to brush their tresses without excessive hair pulling. The right wig comb won’t just detangle the hair knots, but it gives you ultra-smooth tresses that you can design in just about any way you like.

When brushing your hair, start at the tip and then move it upward to prevent unnecessary pressure on your cap. Use the wig comb on dry hair and brush your wig gently. It’s best to detangle the knots when your wig is on the canvas block head rather than when you have attached the wig to your biological hair. Do it patiently and as gently as possible. Remember, your wig needs to be handled carefully if you want to extend its lifespan.

Wig stand and Mannequin Head

You can style your wig either after attaching it to your biological hair or securing it to the canvas block head. The Mannequin Head can be found online or at a salon. These are sturdy tools that can hold the wig in place and securely. A canvas block head is designed like a human head and offers a great deal of comfort when it comes to styling your hair extensions. These wig stands can hold the extensions perfectly allowing you to style your hair easily.

Do not attach your hair to your scalp before styling them. No matter how perfectly you pinned or glued your hair to your biological hair, it can fall or get damaged when you pull it. Plus, there’s a risk of damage to your natural hair from the styling products. Use pins to attach your fake hair to the mannequin head and use a wide-toothed comb to create a hairstyle of your choice. There you go! You can attach the styled hair to your scalp using wig tape or glue.

Wig Tape and Glue

Available in silicone and water-based solutions, a wig glue can secure your artificial hair to your biological hair and offer a long-lasting hold. No matter the weather and temperature in your area, you can rest assured that with a sturdy wig glue, your hair will be secured to your scalp. Some wig glue and tapes are designed to resist moisture and sweat.

Wig tape are also helpful in attaching your fake hair to your scalp easily. These are designed to hold your hair in place and prevent the hair from slipping. Tapes also ensure that your hair stays put in place. They are totally safe to be used on your skin.

Wig tapes come in different types, ranging from rolls to strips. You just need to apply it correctly to ensure that the wig doesn’t fall off or move in high winds. Your hair tends to stay stuck to your scalp for up to 12 weeks given that they are installed correctly and you have used the best tape or glue to secure them to your biological hair.

Wig Solvent

You need a wig solvent to de-attach your wig. It helps clean all the wig glue or adhesive you have used to attach your wig to your biological hair. The right solvent will not just help remove the glue easily, but it will ensure that the cap or your natural hair does not get damaged in the process.

Also, the right solvent ensures no harm to your skin. You can use C-22 wig glue remover solvent for quick wig removal or Tetraclean hair wig adhesive remover for your lace wigs. Make sure you research the different types of solvents and choose one that fits your requirements and works for your hair type.


Hair wigs or extensions look incredibly gorgeous when they are attached and styled well. In addition to these, you can try hair bands and wig straps to get a flawless look.

Remember, the right glue/tape will blend the fake hair into your hairline seamlessly, ensuring that your hairstyle looks wonderful. The wigs allow you to experiment with different hairstyles, enabling you to get the perfect hairstyle. Use the above-listed accessories to enjoy the best hair.

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