Every Golfer Needs A Microfiber Golf Towel

Why Every Golfer Needs A Microfiber Golf Towel: Benefits & Features


We have a simple question for you and you might be surprised by the answer. When you think about all of your golf accessories, which one is the most important? 

It isn’t your golf glove, rangefinder, or umbrella. The correct answer is your golf towel.

You don’t believe us? A microfiber golf towel can do a bit of everything. It can keep your golf ball clean, it can keep you clean, but most importantly, it keeps your golf clubs performing at a high level.

The smallest amount of dirt, sand, or moisture on the face of your club can cause your golf ball to curve wildly. Dirt in your grooves will prevent your ball from spinning when it lands on the green. 

This can be the difference between a birdie and a double. You should never play golf without a golf towel on your bag!

Why You Need A Microfiber Golf Towel: 4 Benefits

Don’t steal a towel from your kitchen. 

First, your spouse will not be pleased, and second, you want a microfiber golf towel that was designed to handle the golf course conditions. 

Here are the benefits of buying a golf towel:

  • Gentle Cleaning

You want your clubs, balls, and other equipment clean, but you don’t want them damaged. 

A microfiber golf towel is the perfect solution. It’ll remove all dirt and grime and leave your equipment looking “like new.”

  • Enhanced Water & Sweat Absorption

A microfiber golf towel can handle more moisture than your standard towel. You never want to be caught on the back 9 with a saturated towel — all of sudden your hands start to slip and you start to lose your side bet with your buddies. 

During a round of golf, you may have to deal with morning dew, rain, a rogue sprinkler, and/or sweat. A microfiber golf towel is the solution to all of these problems. Keep your grips and your hands dry.

  • Convenience & Portability

We all have a golf buddy who shows up at the course with a towel that he stole from the local Holiday Inn. 

These towels are big and bulky and he keeps dropping them on the ground and having to walk back 100 yards to pick them up. Don’t be this guy!

A microfiber golf towel has been designed to attach to your bag — you’ll always have quick access to it and you’ll never leave it behind. 

Golf is hard enough without having to fight & look for your towel. 

  • Durability

You want a product that’ll last. You don’t want a towel that’ll fray or start to fall apart after a couple of trips to the washing machine. A microfiber golf towel is built for the long run — clip it on your bag and use it for years. 

Sure, we recommend you give it the occasional wash, but these products can be used for years. You’ll need new clubs before you need a new towel!

How To Choose: Features To Look For In A Golf Towel

It’s true that now all golf towels are the same. As you “shop around” keep these features in mind:

  • Size & Thickness

Golf towels come in all shapes and sizes. A larger towel can be better if you’re playing in the rain, but this will add weight to your golf bag. 

If you enjoy walking the course when you play, you want to keep your bag as light as possible.

This comes down to your personal preference, but we like a smaller golf towel with the ability to absorb a large amount of water. 

  • Easy Hanging Mechanism

If and how the golf towel attaches to your bag is a key part of your decision. There are several options. 

A metal ring, a plastic hook, a carabiner, a slit in the towel to hang on a club, or nothing at all (you drape it over your bag).

You’ll see golfers with all of these different mechanisms, but we like to keep it simple. We want quick access to our golf towel but don’t want to drop it and leave it behind. Always check the hanging mechanism of a towel before you buy it!

  • Aesthetics & Design

Selecting a golf towel sounds like a functional design, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fashionable. Find a color that matches your golf bag or a design that tells the rest of your foursome something about you.

It may sound crazy, but your golf towel can be a conversation starter. It can tell a new golf friend where you’re from or highlight one of your favorite courses.

  • Budget

Cost is always a factor when selecting your golf accessories. You want to buy high-quality products, but you always to find the best price. Find a great deal on a golf towel and you’ll have extra cash for greens fees. 

Get A Microfiber Golf Towel Today

There’s no reason to wait. You can get an awesome microfiber golf towel without breaking the bank. 

We think you’ll be amazed by the difference it can make in your game. Good luck and remember to clean your clubs after every shot!

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