Which brand of dishwasher is the most reliable

Which Brand of Dishwasher is the Most Reliable?


Until very recently, dishwashers were considered an item of luxury. The middle-class household has been habituated to catering to the chores of washing dishes manually. However, these electronic equipment are gradually making inroads into Indian kitchens, with several leading companies making their presence felt.

These top brands are flooding the market with efficient dishwashers, which save time and power. The popular dishwashers introduced by the established brands render the utensils clean and shiny and obliterate every microscopic germ, which could have lingered on otherwise. Thus, any chances of diseases transmitted through utensils get wiped out completely.

To single out just one reliable brand would be not feasible as various companies are delivering stellar service. Bosch, IFB, Voltas Beko and Whirlpool dishwashers are just a few of the many electronic brands that you blindly depend upon.

To find dishwashers on EMI all under the same roof, you need to visit the Bajaj Mall. India’s go-to online shopping hub features a plethora of dishwashers from some noteworthy names in the industry. Have a look at some stellar offerings that you may consider purchasing.

Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher

Voltas Beko is a trustworthy name to turn to when you’ve got a limited budget at your disposal. Voltas Beko 8 Place Table dishwasher is a perfect kitchen component in a house having no more than three to four individuals. It is priced at just under 25,000 INR, a rare feature in the Indian dishwasher industry.

It can take in all kinds of utensils, from heavy crockery like ‘kadhai’ to light and small spoons and forks. The six wash programs have been designed to cater to the differing requirements of varied materials.

The powerful jet sprays remove the most stubborn of stains from the utensils, rendering them spot-free. Its compact size is deceptive, and hence, do not be fooled by it. It can effortlessly accommodate bulky glassware and crockeries without any fuss. This model also uses 8L of water per cycle, which is quite low for a dishwasher.

Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher

Bosch, the German electronic giant has some of the most sought-after dishwashers in the Indian market. The brand’s popularity lies in its dedication to being in tune with the native customers’ demands. This model is a typical example of its well-thought-out strategy as it has been perfected for Indian cookware.

The ‘Intensive Kadhai Programme’ washes off the greasy and oily remains from the cooking pots with assistance from 70℃ hot water. There’s no requirement of pre-rinsing the load before switching on the dishwasher. If you do not have a large pile of unwashed utensils, you can operate the dishwasher on Half Load mode. Consequently, you’ll save on power and your electricity bill.

The Glass Protection technology lends the ultimate protection to your fragile and costly glassware. Overall, it is a complete package, and you can purchase it for around 40,000 INR.

Whirlpool PowerClean Pro Dishwasher

Whirlpool dishwashers are a force to be reckoned with. This model is elegant, sophisticated and quite heavy on the pockets. However, the price gets justified by the high-end specifications and facilities offered by this Power Clean Pro. The quality offered is top-notch, and the gadget is unlikely to encounter any major technical issue.

Coming to its features, it exquisitely combines different technologies to make dishwashing painless and cent per cent hygienic. The Powerclean Pro technology makes use of high-pressure spray nozzles to eliminate the dirty and greasy strains.

Thus, you will not have to worry about the side effects of cooking rich and wholesome Indian food. The 6th sense technology automatically analyses the degree of soiling and optimises the washing process accordingly. It operates silently, with the noise levels touching 43dB, which is among the lowest in the market. The 14 place settings allow proper customisation as you get to fill a variety of soiled utensils into the machine. It is undoubtedly a product that packs a punch.

Thus, some quality names grace the Indian dishwasher domain. Before you purchase a model from the Bajaj Mall, thoroughly analyse and compare the features of your options.

After zeroing in on one, tread the EMI route to streamline your payment. You can purchase  dishwashers from top brands, one such being the Bosch Dishwasher on EMI on the Bajaj Mall. Besides this feature of interest-free EMI, select models come with a zero down payment facility. Herein, you will not need to furnish any amount upfront. Monthly instalments will cover the entire purchase amount.



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