Top 5 Indoor Plants for Your Health, According to Experts

Top 5 Indoor Plants for Your Health, According to Experts



It is no secret that indoor lush flowers and plants boost levels of comfort and beauty in any space. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, home office, living room, or any entryway; indoor plants can enliven any space in your home. All you need are the ideal conditions. Ensure your plants have access to proper levels of light, water, nutrients, and air.

With these essentials and additional knowledge, you can get yourself a thriving indoor oasis. Did you know that you can grow indoor plants such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers without soil? A hydroponic indoor vegetable garden system allows you to eliminate soil in your gardening equation. That means you’ll have to deal with pests, dirt, and diseases that originate from soil.

Indoor plants can significantly boost your life’s quality, both psychological and physical. According to experts, most houseplants absorb toxic elements in your abode. While they can absorb substances like trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and benzene, houseplants can also minimize indoor dust by approximately 20%.

Also, since indoor plants release water vapor into the surroundings, they can help boost humidity levels as well as skin and respiratory health. This can be a massive advantage to individuals suffering from respiratory problems, headaches, and allergies. And what is more? Indoor plants can significantly boost your productivity, mood, and health. But which plants can provide you with all these benefits? Let’s find out.


Oil from lavender is popularly known for its massive relaxing qualities. Due to this, it isn’t surprising that a lavender plant can help relax and soothe fractured nerves. Growing lavender hydroponically next to your bed in a beautifully designed system can help you reduce levels of stress, promoting a restful night’s sleep.

Lavender’s delicate fragrance and stylish, botanical look will also add a unique décor style to your room. Also, lavender is a perfect plant to cultivate in your children’s room. The plant can help them feel more relaxed and calm before bed. Lavender thrives in indirect sunlight and does not like pools of water. That means it’ll require occasional drink, and you need to ensure that it gets several hours of indirect sunlight.


Herbs thrive in hydroponic gardens. They also look cute when grown in small pots. When cultivated in the kitchen, they inspire everyone in your home to eat healthier and cook often. Taking care of your mint, parsley, or basil is also more affordable and manageable than getting them from a grocery store.

Several herbs, including chamomile, have proven to help reduce levels of anxiety. Also, herbs contain much-needed antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, which are a benefit for your dietary routine.

Boston Ferns

The Boston fern’s delicate fronds are among the ideal indoor plants to bring into any space in your home, thanks to their ultra-humidifying properties. These plants actually put moisture back into the surrounding.

They do well in air-conditioned areas where people might suffer from problems like dry skin. The extra benefit is that they’re pretty simple to grow and thrive indoors, as they love indirect sunlight. Moist-growing mediums and cooler rooms are their favorites.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has a few similarities with the snake plant. This health-giving succulent plant has spiny, massive leaves, meaning it manufactures more oxygen than any other houseplant. Apart from its classic contemporary form, it isn’t only a joy to stare at, but it also has some super medicinal and healing properties.

Aloe vera is effective for treating sunburns. You only need to squeeze a little juice from its leaves and then apply it to your burnt areas. Aloe vera’s soothing skin properties mean that it’s useful in terms of minimizing skin complaints. It’s also good for dental and oral health.

Peace Lily

A peace lily plant is a symbol of good health, and it’s one of the most elegant indoor plants to use in the interior design of any of your spaces with greenery. With beautiful minimal white flowers and dark green leaves, Peace Lily offers an attractive scene that can perfectly lift any low mood.

Also, this plant is known to filter out some airborne particles associated with respiratory issues and conditions such as headaches and asthma. Peace lily thrives in low-lit areas. It doesn’t need much when it comes to full sun. The plant loves to stay hydrated. But similar to most of the best indoor plants for health, Peace Lily opts not to thrive in a water pool.

How Can Gardyn’s Products Help You Grow Indoor Plants for Health?

Gardyn understands that one of the easiest ways to live and eat healthier is to grow plants for health. It allows you to achieve this by offering a modern hydroponic vegetable garden system that can also support fruits, herbs, and flowers.

While your work is to maintain the plants and produce, the system takes care of itself, thanks to Gardyn’s patented HydroponicsTM technology. This technology is designed to offer self-sustaining water management, a vast plant portfolio, a revolutionary machine vision, and unmatched plant density. The system houses all these things in an amazing, elegant tower design.

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