Three Crucial Steps in Landing a Real Estate Listing

Three Crucial Steps in Landing a Real Estate Listing


In the competitive world of real estate, you have to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate agent or just starting, landing a real estate listing in today’s modern world requires a strategic approach. Agents are becoming more creative, and you can no longer rely on your usual sales techniques to land more listings and clients.

Now is the time to move (or run) forward and maximize tools and techniques you may not have considered using before. There are many new tech tools to try, from 3D staging to virtual walkthroughs or using an online presentation tool to create and send out your content. However, an essential aspect is not just using these tools but how and when to use them to maximize their impact. 

Here’s an effective real estate sales process that only a few agents use, yet it can help you land more listings. And it only has three steps. This process also uses all the tools we mentioned above. 

Strategic Three-Step Sales Process:

Send a Pre-Listing Presentation

If you’re unfamiliar with what a pre-listing presentation is, this is a presentation you send to the seller before you meet them in person at the listing appointment. Your goal here is to connect with the seller and build your relationship before you meet them. In other words, you want to impress the seller so much that they want to work with you, even before meeting you in person.

A pre-listing presentation showcases your skills and expertise as an agent. Typically, this presentation includes your selling process, marketing strategy, CMA, and client testimonials and highlights your related sales experience in the local area. You want to establish that you’re the best person to sell their property. 

It’s crucial you include a video introducing yourself, which helps make the seller feel more comfortable around you and puts a face to your name. You don’t need to spend on a professionally produced video if your budget doesn’t allow it. A tripod and smartphone work well enough; just ensure the video is clear and steady and gives the viewer the correct information about you. 

Send the pre-listing presentation after your initial call with the seller and a few days before meeting the seller. This way, they have enough time to read and review it to note any questions they may have for you. 

Present the Listing Presentation In Person 

The second step is meeting the seller in person. Your listing presentation is what you bring with you during your listing appointment with the seller. This face-to-face meeting is when you get to know your potential client better and reiterate what you’ve sent them in the pre-listing presentation. 

The listing appointment is an excellent opportunity to learn more about what the seller wants and needs regarding their property. Begin this interaction like a regular meeting with any potential client – chat with the seller and build rapport before you present your listing presentation. You want to be a good listener and show the seller that you want to help them with their needs, not just make another sale.

After you present your listing presentation, ask them additional questions about the property. Doing this demonstrates your genuine interest in the property and your expertise in the market. What is their ideal selling price? Do they need you to stage and arrange professional photos of the property if (and when) they give you the listing? Do they have any other questions for you?

The listing appointment is a great opportunity to make a positive impression and nurture your relationship with the seller. Even if you don’t land this specific listing, you want to remain top of mind for possible future transactions.

Send a Follow-up Listing Presentation

This is the last step in the sales process. Each listing presentation has its role and the follow-up listing presentation is all about sealing the deal. The focus of this presentation should be on the property’s valuation and selling price. The seller is not interested in seeing the same information you included in the pre-listing presentation or even what you told them during your listing appointment.

They want to see new and relevant information you haven’t shared yet. They may have had a question or two when you met, and you didn’t have the answers yet during the meeting. Now is the right time to include those answers. For real estate professionals looking to maximize their reach and exposure, consider utilizing the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to ensure that your listings are seen by a wide range of potential buyers and agents. The MLS real estate platform allows for effective marketing and collaboration within the real estate industry, increasing your chances of closing successful deals.

Also, use this presentation to strengthen your case about why you are the best agent for the job. Emphasize your extensive real estate experience and showcase any awards you’ve won. Reiterate any recent sales in the same area to show them you can sell their property for the price they want in the shortest possible time.

You can also re-emphasize your marketing strategies and give them concrete examples of how you executed these strategies successfully. If they brought up any issues and concerns during the meeting, now is the time to address them and include evidence that disputes them.

You can also include “bonus content,” such as a step-by-step guide to how you plan on marketing and selling the property and staging suggestions. Remember, the goal of the follow-up listing presentation is to show the seller why they should choose you as their real estate agent. This is the third time you’ve touched base with them, so now is the time to close the deal.

Put These Steps into Action

These three steps are crucial if you want to start landing more listings. By following this detailed process, you show the client you are at the top of your game and ready to go above and beyond what other agents do. 

If you don’t land the listing even after following the three-step sales process, don’t worry! Your time and effort was still worth it. The seller will leave with a good impression of you and your expertise and will keep you in mind for future transactions. 

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