Thing to do in Pawna Lake

Things to do to do Pawna Lake


Within Maharashtra, Pawna Lake is a well-known tourist attraction in Maharashtra. It is famous not only for its scenic views but also for the important historical sites in the vicinity. The top six attractions to see within Pawna Lake are listed below. We’ll also teach how you can plan your day to get the most out of it in the final section in the report. Then, at the end this article you’ll be able to find the list of places which have been ruled out and the reasons behind their denial. We’ll also provide the top restaurants for launching close to Pawna Lake.

Dinosaur Park is number one on the list. (See the map)

  1. Visapur Fort in Lohagad (See on the map)
  2. Waterfalls from Dudhiware (See on the map)
  3. Pandharpur, Prati (See on map)

5.Tikona Fort, a fort that is located within the District of Tikona (See on the map)

6.Tung Fort is the number six (See on the map)

7.Lonavala Dinosaur Park

1.Lonavala’s Dinosaur Park

While the mystery of Dinosaurs’ origins has now been solved!

In Lonavala You can go to an incredibly small-sized Jurassic Park! The property measures 6.5 acres. There is no age limit, however children older than three are subject to a fee. The park has animatronic dinosaurs to play, games, and events based on dinosaurs. There are shops and restaurants that will satisfy your cravings for food. Food that is prepared outside is not allowed.

It’s a good spot for kids, however adults might not be able to enjoy it. Google Maps has a low score. The majority of customers are not satisfied with the value as well as the overall quality dinosaur-themed structures.

2. Lohagad Fort (Visapur)

4.6/5 Property is owned by the government Free admission

Fort Lohagad

It is among Maharashtra’s hill forts. It’s height is 1033 meters (3389 feet) above sea level. A narrow distance connects the fort with the nearby fort of Visapur.

The range divides from the Indrayani as well as the Pavana as well as the Pawna lakes. In the Pawna as well as the Pavana reservoir can be seen from Lohagad.

Fort of Visapur Fort of Visapur is situated within the town of Visapur

Its elevation is of 1084 meters over sea level. It is located on the same plateau as Lohagad. There are water cisterns, caves as well as a beautiful arch and old homes inside the fort. Pandavas have built a variety of well-constructed structures. It is among the most easily accessible hiking areas close to Pawna Lake.

In spite of the fact Lohagad and Visapur Though Forts Lohagad as well as Visapur are situated close to each other but only experienced trekkers are able to complete both forts in one day. After completing a single-fort journey, a newbie trekker could become exhausted. When planning a day’s hike, newbies must pick a fort between Lohagad or Visapur.

3. A waterfall from Dudhiware

Score: 4.7/5, Public property Admission is free

Pawna Lake is just an hour’s drive away. The waterfall is 135 feet high. It’s well-known for zip lining, waterfall rappelling or valley crossing.

There’s an exciting adventure to be had. The views of the waterfall are stunning. If you’d like to go rappelling down the waterfall at Dudhiware take a day trip, make reservations for an adventure.

It is not recommended to go to this place if it’s heavy raining.

4. Prati Pandharpur (Prati Pandharpur)

Rated: 4.3/5, Private property Admission is free

Transform and enhance is being developed through Baba Maharaj Satarkar, a famous Dnyaneshwari speaker, in order to replicate the style and look of Pandharpur. It’s located close to and around the Pawna Dam in Dudhiware village. The temple is located in front of it is a gorgeous garden. The weather is extremely nice. The area is bordered by a lush forest.

5. The Fort of Tikona

4.5 out 5 stars, on a Government property, free entry

Vatandgad is a different name for it. It’s at a height of 3500 feet higher than sea levels. It has a pyramidal shape as well as Tikona is a reference to “triangular.” Trembakeshwar Mahadev’s temple as well as seven water tanks and a few satvahan caves are all found there. Fort offers an amazing panorama from Pawna Lake.

6. Tung fort Ticket price: free, government property

Kathingad Fort is another name for the fort. It’s located at a height of 1075m from sea-level. Kathin is a reference to “difficult.” When you are trying to complete the challenging task of getting to the fort. It is a conical fortress in shape and is steep throughout and a small route across the mountain’s apex. There is a dam nearby. Pawna Dam is just an hour’s drive away. Tung Fort is an important landmark because of its sharp conical summit.

It isn’t recommended to walk up to Tung fort during monsoon season. In the monsoonseason, climbing to the fort’s top is very risky. To make an intermediate trip take a trip to Tikona castle. And for an easy trip, go to Jaigarh.

Profit from the situation!

There you go! The six spots listed below are the most sought-after among the Pawna Lake region. Therefore, you should pick some of them according to your preference.

So, let’s make the menu! The foremost thing to remember is that you just need to include one fort and a couple of places.

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