Rediscovering Tequila Centenario: A Historic Mexican Treasure

Rediscovering Tequila Centenario: A Historic Mexican Treasure



Tequila Centenario, a historic brand that dates back to 1857, holds a special place in the heart of tequila aficionados. Amidst the plethora of more than 900 Tequila brands available in the US and over 2,000 worldwide, Tequila Centenario stands out as a gem that deserves to be rediscovered. As the fastest-growing spirit by volume and with a surge in available brands, it’s easy for consumers to overlook the long-established and time-honored ones. However, Tequila Centenario’s rich history, masterful craftsmanship, and exceptional taste make it a Tequila worthy of recognition.

A Legacy of Excellence

Founded by Lazaro Gallardo in 1857, Tequila Centenario is one of Mexico’s oldest Tequila producers, and its legacy continues to thrive. The distillery, ex-La Hacienda Los Camichines (NOM 1122), located in the Jalisco Highlands, upholds the brand’s tradition of producing exquisite Tequilas. The story of Tequila Centenario is closely intertwined with Mexican history, as it was created in 1895 to commemorate the start of a new century and honor the 100th anniversary of Mexican independence in 1910. The brand’s iconic logo, featuring The Angel of Independence, symbolizes the hard-fought independence etched in the Mexican Centenario 50-peso gold coin.

Crafting Tequila Centenario

Tequila Centenario stands out due to its unique blend of different batches of spirits, including aged Tequila reserves. The blending process, known as “SelecciĆ³n Suave,” is a proprietary technique developed by Lazaro Gallardo himself. This process involves skillfully combining the richest and smoothest Tequilas to create a product of exceptional quality and taste. The agave used in crafting Tequila Centenario are all highland grown, and their maturity of 10-12 years adds depth and character to the final product.

The Centenario Range

Tequila Centenario boasts a remarkable core range, featuring a plata, reposado, aƱejo, and extra aƱejo expression. Each variant offers a distinctive taste profile that caters to diverse palates.

1. Gran Centenario Plata Tequila

The Plata Tequila, unaged and married in American oak barrels for 49 days, exhibits a delicate wood note. It showcases crisp apple and pear notes, fresh green agave, and citrus aromas of lime and lemon. Along with hints of caramel, vanilla, and a touch of milk chocolate, the Centenario Plata strikes a harmonious balance between the boldness of a blanco and the influences of a reposado.

2. Gran Centenario Reposado Tequila

Aged for four months in charred, new American oak barrels, the Reposado retains the fruitiness of the plata while offering a subtle sweetness. The agave notes are more cooked, complemented by pronounced tropical fruit notes. A noticeable smokiness, along with vanilla, chocolate, and caramel undertones, enriches the flavor profile. The Reposado’s touch of chili-pepper heat adds a pleasant spicy kick.

3. Gran Centenario AƱejo Tequila

The AƱejo is aged in new, charred American oak barrels for up to 16 months, resulting in a floral and aromatic Tequila. Baked agave notes blend harmoniously with caramel, cinnamon, and clove spices, seasoned oak, and earthy white pepper nuances. The Tequila’s slightly sweet, buttery, and creamy texture enhances the overall drinking experience, with fruity notes ranging from pear to peach and tropical fruit accents.

4. Gran Centenario Leyenda Extra AƱejo Tequila

Regarded as one of the top extra aƱejo Tequilas globally, Leyenda is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence. Aged for up to 48 months and blended with older Tequilas, Leyenda exudes a complex and nuanced flavor profile. The Tequila delights the palate with a fusion of fresh and dried fruits, including apples, pears, quince, peaches, and citrus zest. Herbal notes of eucalyptus and dried herbs mingle with hints of chocolate, caramel, and walnut, offering a delightful symphony of taste. Spice notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg add a satisfying touch to the overall experience.

Embrace the Legacy of Tequila Centenario

As the world embraces new and exciting Tequilas, it is essential not to overlook the timeless treasures that have stood the test of time. Tequila Centenario, with its rich heritage, masterful craftsmanship, and exceptional taste, stands as a testament to the legacy of Mexican Tequila. Whether you choose the Plata, Reposado, AƱejo, or the extraordinary Leyenda, every sip of Tequila Centenario promises to transport you on a journey through Mexico’s rich history and vibrant culture.


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