Planning Your Move With a Moving Company

Planning Your Move With a Moving Company


Hiring local movers can ease the burden of relocating to a new home. Movers can help you with everything from packing belongings in your current home to unpacking in your new home. Establish proper communication with your moving company before your scheduled move date for easy relocation. Here’s how to plan your move with a moving company:

Discuss the Moving Company’s Role

Some local movers are full-service, meaning they can help with packing, furniture assembly and disassembly, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking. Others offer specific services. Confirm the type of services your moving company offers to allow you to plan accordingly. If your company doesn’t offer packing services, you may need to pack your belongings before your moving date.

Understanding your individual roles can streamline the moving process as you won’t have to complete tasks last minute. Discussing roles can also help your moving company determine the best time to schedule your move, the number of movers to allocate to your move, and the tools necessary for a hassle-free process.

Agree on a Moving Date

Book anĀ expert moving company a few months early to avoid postponing your move.Ā This can be beneficial if you plan to move during the summer, as moving services are in high demand at this time. Be specific about your desired moving date and time to avoid accidental double bookings. Confirm your moving date a few weeks before your move to make sure you’re still on the same page with your movers.

Review start and end addresses, the moving company’s roles, and the required moving supplies. Inform your local movers beforehand about heavy or fragile items to allow them to carry the right equipment. Make sure your movers will have easy access in and out of your current home on your scheduled moving date if you live in an area with access limitations.

Pre-pack the Basics

Pack items you’ll need during the first few days in your new home to avoid rushing the unpacking process. Let your movers know how you mark these items, as they shouldn’t be packed with the rest of your belongings.

Items to include in your bag include toiletries, chargers, clothes for the first several days, medications, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. These items can help you stay comfortable before your new house is in order. Pack some toys if you have children to keep your kids entertained during the move. Your movers can help you unpack systematically instead of rushing to keep your kids calm.

Confirm What Your Movers Can Move

Movers can transport numerous items, from heavy furniture to musical instruments. They generally don’t move flammable items like lighter fluid, ammunition, and firearms for safety. Some also have rules on transporting high-value items like collectible art or family heirlooms. Confirm whether your moving company carries high-value items. If so, make sure they have sufficient insurance coverage to limit your liability in case of an accident.

Confirm the kinds of foods your movers can carry. Movers may not move perishable items, as keeping them cool can be challenging. They can move items you’d store in your pantry, like baking items, unopened canned goods, and rice, as they’re non-perishable. Ask your moving company to provide a list of things they can and can’t carry to allow you to plan more effectively. You can move whatever they can’t on your own.

Review Your New Home’s Blueprint

Assess your new home’s blueprint to determine where your items will go. This way, you won’t have to think on your feet during your move. Review the blueprint with your movers a few days before the move, letting them know what each room is.

Label your moving boxes with the names of their corresponding rooms for a hassle-free move. Consider assigning numbers to your moving boxes if you have multiple rooms. You can label your personal belongings as “bedroom one” and your kids’ belongings as “bedroom two” to avoid rearranging items after your movers unload them.

Hire Professional Local Movers Today

Moving requires a lot of planning to be successful. You may need to meet with your local movers in advance to discuss specifics like the items to be moved, your preferred moving date, and your individual roles. Be ready to provide all the moving-related information your movers require to allow them to plan appropriately for your relocation. Find a reputable moving company to help make your experience quick and simple.

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