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Revealing the Impressive Net Worth of Patrick Duffy


Patrick Duffy, a renowned American actor and television director, has achieved remarkable financial success throughout his career. Best known for his iconic role as Bobby Ewing in the hit series “Dallas,” Duffy has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Let’s delve into Patrick Duffy’s net worth and explore the factors that have contributed to his financial prosperity.

Early Life and Background

Patrick Duffy was born on March 17, 1949, in Townsend, Montana, to tavern owners Terence and Marie “Babe” Duffy. During his formative years, he attended Cascade High School in Everett, Washington, where he actively participated in the Drama and Pep Clubs. After graduating, Duffy pursued a degree in drama from the University of Washington, where he also gained theater arts credits that paved the way for his teaching career. While in college, he experienced a vocal cord injury, which led him to work as an interpreter for ballet, opera, and orchestra companies, as well as teach mime and movement classes.

Career Highlights

Duffy ventured to Los Angeles in the early ’70s to pursue his acting ambitions. After landing minor roles in TV movies and an episode of “Switch” in 1976, his breakthrough came with the lead role in the science-fiction series “Man From Atlantis” in 1976. The show showcased Duffy as Mark Harris, a being from the lost continent of Atlantis, possessing webbed hands and feet and limited time on land. Although the series lasted only a season, it marked a significant milestone in Duffy’s career.

However, it was Duffy’s role in the iconic series “Dallas” that truly defined his career. Portraying Bobby Ewing, he became a household name and contributed to the show’s tremendous success. Despite temporarily leaving the series in search of more diverse roles, Duffy eventually returned, and his character’s resurrection in a now-famous shower scene remains a notable moment in television history. Duffy remained with “Dallas” until its cancellation in 1991 and even appeared in the spinoff series “Knots Landing.” Throughout his time on “Dallas,” Duffy also directed several episodes.

In the ’90s, Duffy showcased his versatility by starring as Frank Lambert alongside Suzanne Somers in the sitcom “Step By Step.” The show aired 160 episodes between 1991 and 1997, solidifying Duffy’s place in the hearts of audiences worldwide. Alongside his acting endeavors, Duffy took on the role of director for 49 episodes of “Step by Step.”

Patrick Duffy’s Diverse Contributions

Apart from his acting and directing accomplishments, Duffy explored a singing career and achieved success in Europe with the duet “Together We’re Strong” alongside French singer Mireille Mathieu in 1983. The song reached No. 5 on the Netherlands charts.

Throughout his career, Duffy made guest appearances and provided voice acting for various TV series, including “Family Guy,” “Justice League,” and “Touched by an Angel.” He also starred in numerous TV movies, such as “Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door” and “Desolation Canyon.” In 2006, Duffy began portraying Stephen Logan in the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Additionally, he hosted the interactive game show “Bingo America” on GSN in the spring of 2008.

Personal Life and Real Estate Ventures

In November 1986, Duffy tragically lost his parents, Terence and Babe, in an armed robbery at their tavern in Boulder, Montana. The series “Dallas” temporarily paused production out of respect for Duffy’s devastating loss.

Duffy married professional ballerina Carlyn Rosser in 1974, and they had two sons together. Sadly, Carlyn passed away in January 2017. Duffy has found love once again and is currently dating actress Linda Purl.

In terms of real estate, Duffy and Carlyn owned a home in Tarzana, California, which they sold in 2000 to Jonathan Davis, lead singer of the rock band Korn. The property encompassed 1.5 acres and was sold for approximately $1.5 million.

Patrick Duffy’s Staggering Net Worth

Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy’s dedication to his craft and multifaceted career have significantly contributed to his impressive net worth. As of now, his estimated net worth stands at a staggering $30 million. Duffy’s iconic portrayal of Bobby Ewing in “Dallas,” his involvement in “Step By Step,” and his directorial endeavors have played a pivotal role in accumulating his wealth.

It is important to note that net worth figures are subject to change based on various factors and estimations.

In conclusion, Patrick Duffy’s extraordinary talent and enduring presence in the entertainment industry have solidified his status as one of Hollywood’s most revered figures. With a remarkable net worth and a legacy spanning decades, Duffy continues to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.

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