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Light Lavender Color: 20 Gorgeous Combinations to Transform Your Space



When it comes to decorating with the captivating shade of light lavender, you may wonder which colors would complement it best. Fear not, as we have curated a list of 20 stunning color combinations that will help you create a harmonious and stylish interior. From classic pairings to bold and unexpected choices, these color schemes will make your space shine.

1. Mauve + Emerald

Design by KT2 Design Group / Photo by Michael J. Lee

Create a statement in your formal living room by combining mauve upholstered armchairs with vibrant emerald green accents. This unique color combination adds a colorful twist to a traditional space.

2. Plum + Black and White

Design by Maestri Studio / Photo by Nathan Schroder

For a chic and modern look, incorporate plum furniture into a black and white room. The traditional hues combined with purple accents add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any dining space.

3. Cool Lavender + Silver

Design by R. Johnston Interiors / Photo by Catherine Nguyen

Enhance the regal ambiance of light lavender by incorporating silvery accents reminiscent of shiny necklaces. This approach creates a luxurious and serene atmosphere, perfect for adult sleep spaces.

4. Orchid Purple + Turquoise

Design by Kaleidoscope Living

Revitalize an old dresser with a vibrant orchid purple hue in a stylish kid’s bedroom. Pair it with a light turquoise bench covered in a floral fabric for a playful and energetic atmosphere.

5. Shades of Purple + White

Design by Jeweled Interiors

Add interest to an all-white bathroom by incorporating vivid purple accents, from the wall colors to the overdyed rug on the floor. This color combination creates a visually stunning and refreshing space.

6. Grape Juice Purple + Yellow

Design by Swoon Worthy

Combine a deep grape juice purple with vibrant yellow accents in your living room for a sophisticated and glamorous ambiance. Pops of gold accessories elevate the space and avoid an overly playful aesthetic.

7. Purple + Gray

Design by Madness and Method

Pair a bold purple backdrop with gray accents in your bedroom for a serene and relaxing atmosphere. The assertive wall color creates a dramatic effect while maintaining a tranquil sleep space.

8. Royal Purple + Brown

Design by The English Room

Embrace a welcoming and eclectic ambiance by combining a bright royal purple sectional with a chocolate brown painted ceiling in your family room. Accessorize with multicolored accents to add vibrancy throughout the space.

9. Purple + Shades of White

Design by Dekay & Tate / Photo by K. Hayden Rafferty

Create a visually captivating space by highlighting a purple ceiling in a room adorned with soft shades of white. This approach offers a neutral foundation with a surprising and eye-catching element.

10. Purple + Green + Rust

Design by Jenny Kakoudakis

For a bold and captivating living room, combine various shades of purple with green and rust accents. Geometric patterns, such as an intricate rug, add texture and visual interest without overwhelming the space.

12.Purple + Greenish Gray

Design by Living with Lolo / Photo by Life Created

Mix a bright purple rug with warm and soothing greenish gray walls for a sophisticated and calming atmosphere. Incorporating artwork with a variety of shades adds a stylish statement to tie the colors together.

12. Purple + Pink

Design and Photo by Rittika Chokhany

Create an elevated and refined look by pairing lighter hues of purple with shades of pink. This color combination exudes timeless elegance and works well in both adult and younger spaces.

13. Lilac + Dark Gray + Navy

Design by Home Milk

Bring a touch of personal style to your kitchen with pale lavender walls, dark gray cabinetry, and a navy-painted kitchen island. This combination adds a unique and irreverent flair to the space.

14. Eggplant + Black

Design by Sarah Barnard Design / Photo by Steven Dewall

Embrace ’80s throwback vibes with bold plum and lavender color-blocked walls, a black walnut bed frame lined with purple velvet, a red tufted ottoman, black carpeting, and a neon sign that adds a touch of whimsy.

15. Shades of Purple + Gold

Design by Home Milk

Create a contemporary take on a royal color pairing by incorporating shades of lavender with gold accents in your English kitchen. This combination exudes elegance and adds a touch of luxury to the space.

16. Purple + Green + Gold

Design by Whittney Parkinson Design

Transform your Tudor-style renovation with a richly saturated shade of purple in the mudroom. Pair it with simple brick floor tiles, gold fixtures, and green accents for a stylish and inviting space.

17. Purple + Green + Black + White

Design by Little Crown Interiors / Photo by David Casas

Incorporate the lavender-and-green color palette into a kids’ room, mixing in black and white accents to create balance. This combination adds a playful and harmonious atmosphere.

18. Mauve + Shades of Pink

Design by Gray Space Interiors

Play with purples and pinks in a cheerful and vibrant way. From the pastel mauve painted walls to the rose gold metallic bedside lamps and striking pink juju hats mounted above the bed, this room exudes personality and charm.

19. Purple Ombre + Blush + Navy

Design by Lisa Gilmore Design / Photo by Amy Lamb, Native House Photography

Create a visually captivating kids’ room with blush wall paint, purple ombre bedding, and navy curtains. This color combination balances sweetness with sophistication.

20. Lavender + Shades of Blue + Red

Design by JLA Designs

Embrace a confident and playful approach to color by mixing soft shades of blue on the bed frame and wall covering with subtle red accents. The pastel lavender painted ceiling adds a surprising and unique element to the space.


With these 20 stunning color combinations, you can bring the captivating shade of light lavender to life in your home. Whether you prefer classic pairings or bold and unexpected choices, these color schemes will help you create a stylish and harmonious interior

that reflects your personal style. From elegant and sophisticated combinations to playful and vibrant ones, there’s a color palette for every taste. Experiment with these color combinations and create a space that truly shines with the beauty of light lavender.

Remember, colors can have a significant impact on the mood and ambiance of a room. Consider the desired atmosphere you want to create when choosing complementary colors for your light lavender palette. Whether you’re aiming for a calming and serene space or a bold and energetic one, the right color combination can make all the difference.

So, let your creativity flow and have fun incorporating these beautiful colors that go well with light lavender into your home decor. Explore different textures, patterns, and accessories to further enhance the visual appeal of your space. With the right combination, your home will become a true reflection of your unique style and personality.

Enjoy the process of transforming your space with these stunning color combinations, and may your home be filled with the enchanting beauty of light lavender.


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