Carmela Sievers

Carmela Sievers, Daughter of Teresa Sievers


Carmela Sievers is the daughter of slain doctor Teresa Sievers and her convicted criminal husband, Mark Sievers.

The family of four painted the picture of a perfect family before everything went sour with the death of the wife and mother, Teresa Sievers.

Do you remember the tragic death of the Bonita doctor whose husband was later found guilty for orchestration and conspiracy regarding her death?

You will find out in this post:

The age, parents, siblings, and general well-being of Carmela Sievers.

Who is Carmela Sievers?

Carmela was born into the Sievers family in 2007 and lived with her mother, father, and elder sister in the United States of America.

Carmela is the second child of her parents. Her elder sister, Josephine Sievers, was born in 2004. The two girls are the only children of their parents.

In June 2015, a tragic event that changed the family’s life happened. The girls lost their mother in a homicide in their family house.


Before the sad incident happened, Carmela Sievers lived in a happy environment with her family. The family lived in Bonita Springs. You can find some loving family pictures of them on the internet.

But after the brutal murder of Teresa, the little girl and her sister went through a very tough time. They were 8 and 11 years old at that time.

What was even worse was the conviction and imprisonment of their father for the same murder. The motherless children are now living in the care of a close relative.

Carmela Siever’s Parents

Carmela’s mother, Dr. Teresa, was a popular holistic medicine physician. She was also an online conspiracy theorist.

Teresa Sievers was born on November 19th, 1968. Her place of birth was in Derby, Connecticut, United States.

The famous doctor attended Ansonia High School in 1986. She is an alumnus of Fairfield University, Ross School of Medicine, and the University of Florida.

The mother of two died on June 29th, 2015. Her lifeless body was found in her home’s kitchen. Investigation revealed two men had hit her to death with a hammer.

Mark Sievers, Carmela’s father, was the son of Bonnie Sievers. He was born on March 2nd, 1968, in the United States of America.

The father of two worked as an office manager. He has a sibling named Scott Sievers.

Mark Sievers was found guilty and arrested for his wife’s murder nearly eight months after the incident. He is currently in prison awaiting execution. He will be facing capital punishment.

Where is Carmela Living Now?

After Mark’s arrest for killing his wife, the Child’s Care Department took Camila and Josephine to safe custody. An unrelated family had volunteered to take them in.

But Teresa’s mother, Mary Ann Groves, filed for the custody of her grandchildren. She mentioned that the children had been through a lot of emotional and phycological trauma and that she was in the best position to take care of them.

The court granted Mary Ann Groves custody of her two grandchildren on May 26th, 2016. We can gladly say that Camila Sievers is in safe hands.

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