ARAM Recap 2022

ARAM Recap 2022: League of Legends Patch Notes 12.23



The highly anticipated League of Legends 12.23 update has been released by Riot Games, and players are eager to explore the changes it brings to the game. This patch primarily focuses on improvements to ARAM (All Random All Mid) gameplay and adjustments to certain champions to ensure a more balanced experience. Additionally, the fearsome Mordekaiser has received nerfs, giving players a sigh of relief as he will no longer dominate the jungle and terrorize every match. Let’s dive into the patch notes and explore the exciting changes that await players in the latest update.

ARAM Changes: Enhancing the Action

The 12.23 update introduces several exciting changes to ARAM mode, with the main goal of reducing downtime and increasing action-packed gameplay. One noteworthy addition is the Hexgate, or Frostgate, as it is affectionately called in the chilly ARAM environment. This Hexgate facilitates quick travel from your Nexus to the outer tower. Once the outer tower falls, the Hexgate connects to the inhibitor tower, providing seamless movement throughout the match.

The introduction of the Hexgate aims to streamline the gameplay, ensuring players can dive into thrilling fights faster. As ARAM revolves around constant team battles, minimizing travel time and maximizing combat opportunities is a logical and welcome decision.

Map Adjustments: A Refreshing Twist

In addition to the Hexgate, the 12.23 patch notes bring various map adjustments to spice up the ARAM experience. Now, when a tower is destroyed, it leaves behind tower rubble, creating new terrain on the map. This feature adds dynamic elements to the battlefield and breaks away from the traditional straight-line map design.

Moreover, a new brush has appeared on the middle bottom side of the bridge, while some existing brushes have expanded in size. Additionally, gaps on the bottom side of the bridge have been filled, making the map slightly larger and providing more strategic options for players.

Champion Tweaks: Balancing the Roster

As with any significant update, the 12.23 patch includes various champion tweaks to ensure a balanced roster. Riot Games aims to put most champions in a good place for the upcoming weeks, considering the patch will be in effect during the holiday season and into the new pro season.

One champion that has been a dominant force in the jungle recently is Mordekaiser, thanks to his potent passive. However, to address this imbalance, the patch introduces crucial nerfs to Mordekaiser’s damage against monsters. Now, his damage is level-based instead of a flat value, and he will only gain stacks when hitting large jungle monsters, not normal ones.

Another champion under scrutiny is Yuumi, who has proven to be problematic across all skill levels. While the patch brings significant nerfs to her, Riot Games has confirmed that a full rework for Yuumi is in the works, aiming to make her less overwhelming in matches.


The 12.23 update for League of Legends brings exciting changes to ARAM gameplay, promising more action and engaging experiences for players. The addition of the Hexgate and map adjustments inject new life into ARAM matches, while champion tweaks aim to balance the playing field. With Mordekaiser’s nerfs and the promise of a Yuumi rework, players can expect a more enjoyable and dynamic gameplay experience in the ever-evolving world of League of Legends.

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