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In this article, we will delve into the life and achievements of Alan Autry, a renowned figure known for his diverse career as an actor, politician, and former professional football player. We will explore his net worth, age, height, personal life, and various aspects of his successful journey. So, let’s begin.

Early Life & Biography

Alan Autry, born Carlos Alan Autry Jr., entered this world on July 31, 1952, in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. He is the son of Carl and Verna Autry, with his birth name being Carlos Brown. At the age of one, his parents went their separate ways, and he adopted the name Carlos Brown. Growing up in California’s San Joaquin Valley, Alan, along with his mother and stepfather Joe Duty, worked in the agricultural sector, cultivating cotton, grapes, and other crops. They led a migratory lifestyle, residing in labor camps as they traveled across the valley. When Alan turned twelve, they settled in Riverdale, California.

Age, Height, and Body Measurements

As of today, which is February 22, 2022, Alan Autry is 69 years old. Standing tall at 6 feet 2 inches (191cm), he possesses an impressive height. Additionally, he weighs around 95 kg, showcasing his well-built physique.

Personal Life: Marriage, Children, and Transformation

Alan Autry tied the knot with Vicky Brown in 1980, and their union blessed them with a daughter named Lauren. During the filming of the movie “Southern Comfort” in Shreveport, Louisiana, Alan reconnected with his biological father, Carl. This encounter led him to reclaim his birth name, Autry, and utilize his middle name, Alan, as his first name.

Unfortunately, Alan’s marriage with Vicky Brown faced challenges due to his sporadic acting engagements and personal struggles. Consequently, the couple separated in 1986. However, during the same year, Alan experienced a spiritual transformation, embracing Christianity and initiating positive changes in his life.

Later on, in 1994, Alan Autry found love again and married Kimberlee Green. They share a daughter named Heather, who was born from Kimberlee’s previous marriage. In 1997, the couple established Dirt Road Productions, a company that produced the television film “The Legend of Jake Kincaid.” Alan played multiple roles in the project, including producer, director, and screenwriter. Notably, he starred alongside Kimberlee and his son Austin.

Career: From Football to Hollywood to Politics

Alan Autry’s career trajectory encompasses remarkable achievements in different fields. He began his journey as a standout quarterback at Riverdale High School, earning a scholarship to the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, upon graduating in 1970. Despite possessing a Bachelor of Arts degree and aspiring to become a teacher, Alan’s path took an unexpected turn when he was chosen as a backup quarterback by the Green Bay Packers in 1975.

After playing three games in 1976, Alan was released by then-coach Bart Starr the following year. Determined to explore his passion for acting, he relocated to Hollywood, inspired by a friend who had previously introduced him to renowned film director Robert Altman. In 1978, Alan, then known as Carlos Brown, had a brief role in Altman’s film “Remember My Name.”

Throughout the 1980s, Alan Autry made guest appearances on various television shows, including popular series such as “Cheers,” “The A-Team,” “Dukes of Hazzard,” and “Newhart.” However, his career in Hollywood was also marred by struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.

In 1988, Alan achieved a breakthrough when he landed the role of Sergeant “Bubba” Skinner in the television series “In the Heat of the Night,” alongside Carroll O’Connor. The show enjoyed a successful run until 1995, further cementing Alan’s position in the industry.

Alan Autry’s political career began in November 2000 when he campaigned as a Republican and was elected mayor of Fresno, California. He served two consecutive four-year terms until January 2009. As mayor, he maintained a balanced budget and even achieved a surplus without compromising the city’s workforce. Notably, Alan staunchly supported Proposition 8, an anti-gay marriage law in California.

During his tenure, Alan initiated efforts to address homelessness in Fresno. However, his approach, involving the clearance of homeless encampments in the city’s downtown area, was deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge, violating the rights of homeless individuals. Eventually, Alan acknowledged the unfairness of Fresno’s homeless policy and publicly apologized to the homeless population. As his final term as mayor approached its conclusion, he collaborated with the Fresno City Council to develop a comprehensive 10-year strategy to combat chronic homelessness.

Alan Autry’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Alan Autry’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. This substantial fortune is the culmination of his accomplishments in American football, acting, and politics. Throughout his life, Alan has demonstrated versatility and achieved success in multiple domains, leaving an indelible mark on each venture.


Alan Autry, with his multi-faceted career as an actor, politician, and former professional football player, has made a significant impact in various fields. From his early days as a quarterback to his prominent roles in Hollywood productions, he has shown remarkable determination and versatility. As a mayor, he strived to address pressing issues such as homelessness while leaving a lasting impression on the city of Fresno. With a net worth of $4 million, Alan Autry’s journey serves as an inspiration to many aspiring individuals seeking success in diverse endeavors.

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